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Sweater & Surface Designer
for Women's Fashion Brands

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Fall Fashion Display

Thea is a talented, creative and professional artist well versed in knit sweater design and print design. Thea is easy to communicate with as she has a deep understanding of the needs of the client. She is always timely and gives 100% of herself to the project. Strong sketching as well as computer skills. Excellent taste level.

Susan Mulvaney,
senior designer

Thea is very talented and creative. She has excellent knit expertise as well as wonderful color sense and composition skills. She can produce the most beautiful hand painted artwork as well as extremely technical CAD work. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Suzanne Corra,
head designer
HMS Production

It was a pleasure working with Thea. I got in touch with her to design our Fall/Winter collection for high end knitwear. I was very happy with the outcome and the designs submitted by her were really nice and innovative. Thank you Thea. Looking forward to working with you for our next collection!

Shakti Golyan,
managing director
Tricot Industries

Thea was a very creative designer full of original ideas. She is very knowledgeable of knits and especially sweater stitch patterns. She was very open-minded and welcomed ideas and suggestions to better the garment production. It was a pleasure to work with her

Guiomar Kalaitzis,
tech designer
Dawson Forte Cashmere
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