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Boston Apparel

Scope:  Designer for Womens Knit and Woven Tops and Sweaters

  • Trend development and design concepts

  • Shopping trips for design inspiration and competitor research

  • Collaborate with Sourcing team to find novel woven and knit fabrics,  yarns, and trims

  • Sweater CADs, Tech Packs

  • Analyze and evaluate protoypes and communicate comments to factories and manufacturing agents

  • Meeting with Sourcing and Tech Design teams to ensure we met cost specifications and quality standards

  • Attend line adoption meetings, fit sessions, and merchandising meetings

The following projects are two examples of trend groups we developed and some examples of the resulting product:

TPD - 2021 Sweater portfolio_Page_05.jpg
TPD - 2021 Sweater portfolio_Page_06.jpg
TPD - 2021 Sweater portfolio_Page_07.jpg
TPD - 2021 Sweater portfolio_Page_08.jpg
TPD - 2021 Sweater portfolio_Page_01.jpg
TPD - 2021 Sweater portfolio_Page_02.jpg
TPD - 2021 Sweater portfolio_Page_03.jpg
TPD - 2021 Sweater portfolio_Page_04.jpg
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